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From nature lovers to history buffs

Kanchanaburi is located in western Thailand with beautiful scenery of mountains, rivers, and waterfalls with rich natural resources. It is the third-largest province in Thailand and connected with the Myanmar border. In the late-18th century, Kanchanaburi was established by King Rama I as a defensive outpost against possible Burmese attacks along an old invasion route through the Three Pagodas Pass on the Thai and Myanmar border. the old town of Kanchanaburi was located near Ban Lat Ya, a small village situated approximately 16 kilometers north of the present town. The present provincial capital is a relatively newer town built by King Rama III in 1833. Later, Kanchanaburi also known for the history of WWII for the Japanese used Allied prisoners of war to build the infamous ‘Death Railway’ along this same invasion route, from Choom Thang Nong in Thailand to Than Be Au Sa Yai in Myanmar. Throughout time, Kanchanaburi is full of the natural forest landscape and locals most engage in agricultural activities. The province’s population is made up of Thai, Mon, and Karen peoples, most of whom are rural dwellers who enjoy living simply and respecting nature.

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