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Asia's premier beach destination

Pattaya is well known for a beach resort and weekend getaway destination for tourists and locals. There are many beaches and water activities to explore, for example, Visit Coral Island with various water sports activities on the Island, spend the day at Water theme parks with various rides inside which is suitable for Family and Friends trip. Beside the beach activities , there are attractions which will amuse you. For Example, The legend of Siam, Thailand’s first and largest cultural theme park showcasing the Thai pride through legends in different periods of the Thai civilization. Nong Nooch Botanic Garden, with 500 acres of the botanical garden. Beside enjoy and impress with the beauty of flowers and the talented of Elephant with Elephant show and Thai cultural show. Pattaya floating market, the area divided by four regions floating Market Thai style (North, Northeast, Central, and South). There is a Colorful market with traditional Thai crafts & products sold from boats & waterfront shops with more than 114 shops. There are many more attractions to visit cover for all family and friends’ choices.

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