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Thai movies and series to watch on Netflix during quarantine time

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Struggling with what to watch on Netflix tonight? We've all been there, trying to find a film to watch during quarantine time. While we are apart, Let's us bring Thailand experiences to your home!

Love Destiny: Romantic Comedy TV series

Image source: Channel 3 Thailand

It was one of the biggest Thai soap operas in 2018. The show bases on a novel. This epic film follows a student who accidentally travels back in time to the Ayutthaya kingdom and experiences the era’s many history-changing events. The drama created a craze for all things ancient Ayutthaya: food, gestures, and language.

Pee Mak: Comedy-horror-romance film

Image source : Pee Mak Facebook

The story is an adaptation of the Mae Nak Phra Khanong legend of Thai folklore. It was released on 28 March 2013. Pee Mak has earned more than 1 billion baht ($33 million) in revenue worldwide and is currently the highest-grossing Thai film. The story is about Mak, who becomes a soldier and has to leave his pregnant wife Nak at home in Phra Khanong. Meanwhile, his wife Nak struggles to give birth to their baby alone. When the war is over, Mak invites his friends to go to his home and meet his beautiful wife, Nak. But in Phra Khanong, the rumor goes around town that Nak is a ghost, and Mak tries to prove that his wife is still alive.

The Stranded: Netflix's first Thai original series

It's the first Thai Netflix original series. Mysterious events challenge a group of boarding school boys and girls when they isolate on an island after a tsunami. They soon realize no rescuers are coming, and they must save themselves.

In Family We Trust: Drama and Thriller TV Series

Image source : Khaosod English

The story revolves around an extended Thai Chinese family whose members' seemingly happy relationships devolve into conflict following the murder of the eldest son and head of the family business.

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