Calypso Cabaret Show

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  • Extravaganza live performance by Transgender member

  • Enjoy the lip sync and impersonating show of famous people

  • Be amazed by the colourful, flamboyant burlesque performances by Bangkok's talented ladyboys

  • Get a chance to snap a few photos with the performers at the end of the show as a souvenir for the night  


Since 1988 through out the year, two shows a day.An impact, at times a clash of cultural weight is unavoidable. CALYPSO's female performers are transgender people, born as boys, morphed by their genuine need to live as a female, to look like a woman.
Transgender shows in general impress with look-alike performances, personal lavishly decked with costumes, feathers, sequins. The individual human being disappears under the spell of décor and effect. CALYPSO's history is the constant effort to free us from that stereotype, to fill the stage with rigorously trained and educated, spirited free bodies and minds, with beauty and excitement of individual talents for music, rhythm and dance - never catering to clichéd expectations what and how a show should be. Passionately fighting prejudices with that purebred CALYPSO-mantra of quality: class, style and taste.