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Phuket Old town : The historical street of Phuket

Updated: May 16, 2020

Phuket has more than the beautiful white sand beach and blue ocean to impress you in the Pearl of Andaman seas. #Phuket #Thailand #IslandParadise #StreetArt

         Phuket Old Town locates on Thalang, Ranong, Dibuk, Phang Nga, Ratsada, and Krabi road. Back in history, during the blooming of the Tin mining industry in the 18th century, Phuket became an essential tin-mining country. It led to the construction of many fine mansions and shops with unique architectural styles as Sino-Portugueses. It influenced by Hokkien Chinese living in and European mining companies invited in Phuket. Nowadays, Phuket's old town is well preserved for travelers to visit with unique Sino-Portugueses buildings along the roads, and many museums to learn the history of Phuket Island.

Moreover, walking along the road, many street-art pieces brightened up the old-town area with various café and souvenir shops along the streets, which is the best spot to taking pictures and shares on social media.


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