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Bangkok and Kanchanaburi: Cultural Wonders and Safari Escapades - 4 Days 3 Nights

4 Days



Full Package

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Central Thailand
Full Package
Age Group
Min 4, Max 10
Min 4 years old
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Discover the wonders of Thailand with our 4-day travel package, starting in the bustling city of Bangkok and venturing to the historic Kanchanaburi. Immerse yourself in a blend of adventure, history, and cultural experiences, from an exotic Safari Open Zoo to the poignant Bridge over the River Kwai. Wrap up your journey with a comprehensive tour of Bangkok's most iconic sights, ensuring a trip filled with unforgettable memories and serene moments.


  • Kanchanaburi Safari Open Zoo 

  • Bridght over the river kwai 

  • Bangkok City tour  

  • Shopping at Siam Paragon

  • Asiatiue the riverfront

Embark on a captivating 4-day journey through Thailand's vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes. Your adventure begins with a warm welcome at Bangkok's airport, followed by a delightful Thai dinner. The next day takes you to Kanchanaburi for an exciting Safari Open Zoo visit, Elephant and Crocodile Shows, and a reflective stroll across the historic Bridge over the River Kwai. Enjoy a mix of cultural and culinary experiences, including a comprehensive Bangkok City tour with optional visits to iconic temples and landmarks. Your stay concludes with a smooth transfer to the airport, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free departure. Throughout your trip, indulge in local flavors and have your spiritual needs catered to, making this travel package an ideal blend of adventure, history, and cultural immersion.

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