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Cultural Heritage: Ancient Mosque on Thon Buri Side of Bangkok

Crossing Chao Phraya River to Thon Buri Side there are two ancient mosques that are rare architectural and historical marvels.

Ton Son Mosque: The first mosque in Bangkok

Ton son mosque is the first mosque in Bangkok. Ton Son Mosque founded in 1688 during the reign of King Narai during the Ayutthaya period. The original name of the mosque was "Kudai Yai." The first mosque initially built by Teakwood and later renovated and rebuilt by brick and stone in 1954 to restore the architectural style of the old mosque. Tonson mosque is nearby Wat Arun with 6 minutes' walking distance.

Bangluang Mosque Bangkok: The combination of Thai Traditional Art & Islam

Bangluang mosque was built in the reign of King Rama I (1782-1809) early Rattanakosin period by a Muslim merchant named "To Yi." With Mosque exterior design is decorated with Thai Brick and painted in white color, which got the Mosque name. It is the only Thai-style mosque in the world decorated with three-tiered art, including Thai, Chinese and European. The mosque building constructed on 30 pillars, which symbolically represent 30 verses of Al-Quran.



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